Forward Thinking Leadership

Be a forward thinking leader and workplace of the future. Great leaders and companies in the 21st century will be built from the inside out.

Forward Thinking Leadership
Forward Thinking Leadership is engaging yourself or your people in a journey toward a better future.

Today’s Challenges Call for a New Approach

Most organizations today were formed and still operate based on industrial-age thinking. We rely largely on command and control and separating people and functions into parts or groups where each part is optimized.

But in these times of rapid change and disruption, old-school thinking and ways of organizing ourselves are failing us. Today’s times call for adopting a more forward-thinking mindset and approach considering the present and future.

We must organize ourselves in new ways and learn to operate more like martial arts masters. Masters don’t know what they will face next, but they have trained themselves to be present and prepared. They are confident that they can handle whatever comes their way.

We find ourselves facing similar challenges and need to do the same. Learning to be more forward-thinking is vital in helping us discover how to live and work together in these new ways. Forward-thinking creates a foundation for building a culture that can thrive today and tomorrow.

Learn How to Live and Work Together in New Ways

At Forward Thinking Workplaces, we’ve identified six vital themes for becoming a more forward-thinking leader. These abilities suggest new ways of thinking and being that help people be more authentic, aware, collaborative, and co-creative.

Together, they bring an expanded sense of self and new ways of connecting that enhance our ability to interact with each other. Using these abilities, we become more active participants in co-creating a workplace where our voice matters, everyone thrives and finds meaning, and change and innovation happen naturally.

These six key themes didn’t arrive in a flash of insights or from a scientific study but rather from our own evolutionary growth and work over the past 17 years. An intention to impact how organizations transform set in motion a series of life-changing events and experiences that revealed how to be a more forward-thinking and conscious participant in the unfolding of my life and work. My life became my vehicle for learning.

What’s most significant about these changes and experiences is that they helped me connect and work with people in a new way. I found myself having more expansive conversations that helped propel changes and transformations that would occur naturally and almost effortlessly. Consequently, unexpected new insights, questions, and wisdom emerged in my work and conversations.

Many leaders (and readers) of our work have noted that our interview collections have created a platform for new insights and wisdom. Our conversations became a vehicle for discovering new and better solutions with others by creating a space for something new to emerge. By becoming more forward-thinking and learning to live and interact in new ways, people become more active and co-creative participants in their work and life unfolding.

Be a Forward Thinking Leader and Workplace of Tomorrow — Today

In today’s world, full of turbulence and unknowns, the need for better answers, questions, insights, and wisdom is increasingly pressing. Creating a culture that helps people become more forward-thinking and conscious is a necessary first step. It’s where real transformation must begin. There is enormous power — power that is largely undervalued and underpracticed — in helping people learn how to impact their consciousness to create change.

At Forward Thinking Workplaces, we are building spaces for forward-thinking leaders and helping businesses be the workplace of the future — today. Learn more about how we can help at and

The Path We All Must Follow