This Week's Articles - April 27, 2021

This Week's Articles - April 27, 2021

The future is already here, and it’s unexpectedly and suddenly different than we’d planned or imagined—even just yesterday.

At Forward Thinking Workplaces, we are discovering the people, insights, and strategies that lead to Forward Thinking minds, leaders, and workplaces of the future — today!‌

The Do Less Better Strategy

Almost everyone is stuck in a paradigm of doing more and more. Learn how by making tough strategic choices, we can successfully cut through the complexity and achieve focus. Read more ->

What's hard about your work?

If you were to make a list of the three hardest things about your work, what would they be? Make a new list after reading this article. Is it the same? Read more ->

Do Industrial Age practices still work?

When I engage in reflective, generative conversations with pioneering leaders about the future of work, it's never about best practices, working harder, or even smarter. If you're ready for an inside-out approach, the Introduction to my book sets the stage. Read more ->

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