Does Community Shift Our Mindset?

Does Community Shift Our Mindset?

In a community, we treat people differently and collaborate more closely.

A Place to Start

Recently, I decided to join together with a colleague to co-host a new podcast. We didn't want it to be just any podcast. We wanted it to be something useful and something you'd look forward to listening to with every episode.

But the more we talked about it and the more great podcasts we listened to, the more questions we had for ourselves.

Ultimately, we decided just to get started and figure it out along the way. We'd begin by reconnecting with the pioneering business and thought leaders featured in my book, The Future of the Workplace.

We'd check in to see what has changed for them since we last talked, dive deeper into what we found most intriguing in their interview, and let the conversation go where it takes us.

Our first episode begins with Jon Mertz, Founder of Santa Fa Innovates. Jon graciously made time available for us even after sharing everything I just shared above.

Jon has some great insights and experience drawn from nature on how thinking of ourselves as a community can begin to shift our mindset. Then we start treating each other a little differently, and the impacts ripple throughout the organization and into the world.

Click the button below to listen to our conversation with Jon and to read an excerpt from the interview. I hope you enjoy our first episode!