What Wants to Happen?

We are so often the product of a series of reactions to our circumstances.

Bill Fox
Apr 6, 2021
1 min read

I start almost every morning asking myself a question.

Usually, it’s a form of the question, “What does the wisdom in me want me to do this week?”

Answers usually don’t come right away, but I continue to sit with the question throughout the day until clarity emerges.

What comes up often surprises me. It’s usually something new and unexpected—the next best next step for me to take, a project to start, or a person to contact.

I recently reconnected with our interview last year with Alan Seale, Director of the Center for Transformational Presence.

There’s a lot of wisdom in his interview, but a question he raised that stuck with me is, “What wants to happen?”

We are often the product of a series of reactions to our circumstances, stumbling around and bumbling into happy accidents.

Questions like “What wants to happen” put us back in the driver’s seat to co-create with a greater mind, which is what we endeavor to embody in ourselves and our work.

What wants to happen?

How will you answer this question?

I encourage you to step away from the distractions for a few minutes and ask yourself this question too.

And as Alan says, “Our job is to come from that place, that perspective of tapping into the bigger message, the bigger request that’s being made right now in our lives.”

We’d love to hear how this question works out for you.

To your forward thinking life & success!

Bill Fox

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