What Undermines Employee Happiness?

What Undermines Employee Happiness?

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In a past issue of the Cutter Business Technology Journal (renamed Amplify), I had an opportunity to write about what I was learning about employee happiness from my many interviews at Forward Thinking Workplaces.

Because the article was published at the exact time when the world was shutting down due to the pandemic in 2020, the article fell by the wayside.

In light of today's workplace trends, I think the timing is right to take a closer look at what employees might really be lacking and longing for in the workplace.

Guest editor, Robert Scott, Fellow for Business Technology & Digital Transformation at the Cutter Consortium, introduced the article as follows:

In our first article, Bill Fox explores why so many employees are disengaged in the workplace. Fox has been exploring this for several years, engaging business leaders on their thoughts on what employees lack and long for in their work environment.
From his research, he defines several themes that may provide new, untapped avenues for greater employee happiness, engagement, customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, business results.

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