Use the Power of Language to Lead, Inspire, and Engage

My interview with Joel Schwartzberg and his books contains abundant and powerful sound speaking, writing, and leadership advice.

Use the Power of Language to Lead, Inspire, and Engage

Over the next few months, I will publish several new insight presentations for the latest interviews published this past year at Forward Thinking Workplaces.

After some time has passed, I go back to review every interview and ask these questions:

  • What's most intriguing here?
  • And what makes it most intriguing?

Interestingly, there are almost always 13 insights in each interview. My latest review features my interview with Joel Schwartzberg, public speaking coach and author of The Language of Leadership and Get to the Point!.

Joel's interview and his books are some of my favorites. They are packed with sound speaking, writing, and leadership advice.

13 Forward Thinking Insights on the Power of Language to Lead, Inspire and Engage

  1. It Starts With Listening
  2. What Does My Audience Need To Know?
  3. People Don’t Hear Appreciation Often Enough
  4. The Most Effective Thanks Are Specific
  5. What Are The Challenges You Cope With?
  6. What Should We Do Next?
  7. Where Are We Going?
  8. Not What’s On My To-do List, But Where Is This All Leading?
  9. People Either Don't Know Their Point Or Confuse Their Point With Other Things
  10. If You Don't Know Your Point, You Are Rendered Pointless
  11. How To Engage And Inspire Your Team
  12. Know the True Power of Communication
  13. Where All Ideas Begin

What did you find most intriguing?

I'd love to know, so I hope you will reply and let me know.

To your forward-thinking life & great success!

— Bill

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