Unmasking Innovation

Unmasking Innovation

The three recently published books in the series invite you to re-examine the nature of dialogue within the workplace.

This past week, while updating and publishing new editions of three Be a Workplace of the Future Now series books, I was reminded of my interview with Sarah Rozenthuler. Sarah is the author of Life-Changing Conversations, a leading psychologist, a leadership coach, and the founder of Bridgework Consulting Ltd.

In the interview, Sarah emphasized the critical role of psychological safety in fostering innovation. "People will only find their voice and share their thinking if they feel safe," she observed. A truly innovative and fulfilling workplace calls for employees to shed their corporate mask and show up authentically, despite the vulnerability it might invoke.

How can we create such a work environment? Sarah highlighted that it often begins with difficult conversations. In navigating diverse perspectives or conflicts, employees must manage difficult emotions, making these conversations catalysts for breakthrough innovation.

Sarah underscored the importance of active listening to garner employees' best performance. Workers should feel valued and challenged, not as expendable resources but as unique individuals contributing their wisdom to the collective effort.

When asked what people miss and yearn for at work, Sarah pointed out our inherent desire for self-expression and alignment with our passion. This alignment is fundamental to our energy, creativity, and openness. She suggests that if employees feel "stuck," it's crucial to engage in conversation and reflection to identify the source of this misalignment.

As a leader, Sarah believes the most important question to ask employees is, "How could we come together in service of something greater than ourselves?" She feels that this sense of serving a purpose beyond individual needs is deeply motivating and fulfilling.

The key question employees should ask leaders? Sarah suggests asking about the leader's vision for the future. By encouraging dialogue around the organization's evolution, leaders can promote 'ripple intelligence,' a term used at Oxford Saïd Business School, which refers to sensing and feeling into the ecosystem, capturing signals about the future.

The interview concluded on a profound note, Sarah emphasizing the importance of asking ourselves, "To what extent do I feel truly alive with what life is calling me to do?" This question catalyzes personal and professional growth, bringing to light our alignment or misalignment with our purpose.

I hope this conversation with Sarah Rozenthuler prompts you to reflect, inspire, and fuel transformative conversations in your workplace.

— Bill

Founder @ LeaderONE, SpaceB, and Forward Thinking Workplaces

Inquiry Driven 

A Game-Changing Trilogy that Redefines Conversation

The three recently published books in the series invite you to re-examine the nature of dialogue within the workplace. "Inquiry Driven Leadership" and "Inquiry Driven Empowerment" aim to redefine our conversations, giving everyone a voice in organizational change. Finally, "Inquiry Driven Self" brings introspection into the spotlight, encouraging individuals to discover their true potential through reflective thinking.

Inquiry Driven Self

This book aims to empower readers to ask transformative questions in their own lives, fostering forward-thinking leadership and innovative workplaces that reflect the changing dynamics of the 21st century because it's not merely the answers that shape our lives but the questions we dare to ask.

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Inquiry Driven Leadership

This isn't a regular leadership book—it's a journey. A journey that will guide you towards becoming a forward-thinking leader, creating forward-thinking workplaces, and a leadership style driven by inquiry, dialogue, and curiosity. Welcome to the journey of Inquiry Driven Leadership. Brace yourself to question, to learn, and most importantly, to lead with curiosity.

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Inquiry Driven Empowerment

This book aims to empower you with the courage to ask profound questions. From "What do you care about?" and "What is the vision for this company?" to "What can I do to support you?" and "How can I contribute?" each question in this book is an invitation to a deeper understanding.

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