Reawakening the Human Spirit Redefines Leadership

In Reawakening the Human Spirit, Dr. Lance Secretan challenges us to think differently about what it means to lead and inspire.

Reawakening the Human Spirit Redefines Leadership

In a radical departure from traditional leadership paradigms, Dr. Lance Secretan, acclaimed author and leadership development expert known for his seminal contributions to the field for the past 40 years, has written a groundbreaking book titled Reawakening the Human Spirit.

I had the opportunity to interview Lance about his new book that questions the status quo and calls for a departure from fear-based leadership models that have been in practice for decades, both in the military and modern organizations.

His hypothesis is that our current leadership system has been built around a fear-based, carrot-and-stick model that simply doesn't work.

It fails to motivate employees and produce outstanding leaders like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., or Mother Teresa, who inspired people through their actions and values, not through fear of punishment or expectation of rewards.

In his candid admission, Lance acknowledges that his own work, including writing 20 books on the subject, might have contributed to the propagation of this faulty system. Now, he redirects his focus towards creating a new paradigm centered on inspiration, love, and the human spirit.

The idea is to break free from the Pavlovian trap we've all fallen into based on fear of punishment or the anticipation of reward. This approach, he explains, is obsolete and has failed us on many fronts. He argues that we must abandon these antiquated systems and embrace a new one that encourages inspiration and love as driving forces.

With Reawakening the Human Spirit, Lance embarks on a journey to change how we perceive and practice leadership. His vision is one where individuals are inspired, not coerced, and where they act out of love, not fear. It is a call to arms for a paradigm shift towards inspirational leadership. It's a fresh perspective that promises to be thought-provoking and potentially transformational in the way we approach leadership in the future.

Reawakening the Human Spirit promises to provide a fresh perspective on leadership and an inspirational take on how organizations can foster a nurturing and effective environment.

Whether the book will live up to its promise of revamping our approach to leadership remains to be seen, but one thing is certain - it challenges us to think differently about what it means to lead and inspire.

To your forward thinking life & great success!

— Bill

Bill Fox, Founder @ LeaderONE, SpaceB, and Forward Thinking Workplaces

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