New Release to the Be a Workplace of the Future Now Series

New Release to the Be a Workplace of the Future Now Series

I'm excited to introduce an upcoming update to our groundbreaking six-part book series with the most intriguing insights and questions from global business and thought leaders.

The series vividly demonstrates what's possible when we ask new questions and engage everyone in a new conversation. This series is designed to fuel your journey towards transforming the modern workplace.

In our rapidly evolving world, it's imperative that we remain open and adaptive, challenging our own status quo. Companies must acknowledge that while traditional models and frameworks have brought us success in the past, they may not necessarily fit our current or future needs.

The first book, "MOMENTUM: Collective Brilliance," draws upon the wisdom of global leaders to lay out a blueprint for creating a vibrant and collaborative work environment.

Next in the series, "IGNITE: Engaging Brilliance," humanizes the concept of performance, emphasizing the need to engage each team member's unique talents and strengths.

"ECHOES: Silent Yearnings," dives into the unspoken desires of employees, exploring what truly drives us beyond the conventional rewards.

The series then invites you to re-examine the nature of dialogue within the workplace. "Inquiry Driven Leadership" and "Inquiry Driven Empowerment" aim to redefine our conversations, giving everyone a voice in organizational change. Finally, "Inquiry Driven Self" brings introspection into the spotlight, encouraging individuals to discover their true potential through reflective thinking.

Join us on this transformative journey and experience the power of change in your professional and organizational life. The updated series will be available on August 1, 2023. More information and join the waitlist at

To your forward thinking life & great success!

— Bill

Founder @ LeaderONE, SpaceB, and Forward Thinking Workplaces