How to Gain Powerful New Perspectives that Drive Greater Success

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How to Gain Powerful New Perspectives that Drive Greater Success
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How to Gain Powerful New Perspectives that Drive Greater Success

When I first started interviewing leaders in 2010, I really didn't appreciate the enormous value multiple perspectives on a key question (or set of questions) might bring to any particular challenge or situation.

I think it's accurate to say that I was really just seeking to just do something different that might provide new solutions that bring lasting change and make a difference for everyone.

Now here we are almost 12 years and 130+ interviews later and a forward-thinking narrative has emerged. The idea of a narrative was far from my mind, but this work has led me forward step-by-step and that is what we now have.

What is the value of a narrative?

It was David Marquet, author of bestselling Turn the Ship Around, who first brought to my attention the value of having multiple perspectives when he posted this review on Amazon for my book, 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success:

As I've gotten older (and wiser) I've learned that most topics have multiple valid perspectives. A diversity of opinion allows me to see sides of an issue I'd missed, allow my organization to be more resilient when one approach isn't working, and allow a more nuanced implementation of initiatives.

In Narrative Generation by Ann Badillo, et al., we learn that we get value from narratives because they "inform and define one’s perspective."

And in my own experience over the past 12 years, I've learned that a narrative:

  • Pulls people to act, innovate, and learn together and are a powerful way to lead yourself or your organization forward
  • Can begin where you are with a simple intention and question
  • Create a generative holding space for new possibilities
  • Help us have conversations that otherwise wouldn’t happen
  • Foster authenticity and catalyze new leadership
  • Provide a framework that helps us focus our attention, make sense, and build understanding

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The current schedule for the first half of 2022:

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— Bill

Bill Fox, Founder at Forward Thinking Workplaces

The Future of the Workplace from Bill Fox is currently helping me a lot. He interviewed 31 pioneering leaders, not only about the future of the workplace also about the core of leadership, which is so much needed today. Some of the interview partners inspire me very much, also here on LinkedIn. The questions he asked the leaders are my core messages today. I highly recommend it.
— Anna Tollmien, New Ideas for a Sustainable Future