Who Is Leading Our Lives?

Almost 99% of our life runs on autopilot.

Bill Fox
Mar 29, 2021
2 min read

Dr. Helena Lass: Psychiatrist, awareness teacher, and founder at Wellness Orbit.

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How can we create workplaces where every voice matters, everyone thrives and finds meaning, and change and innovation happen naturally?

We oftentimes communicate a lot of things that are not as much to be debated with others, but are really just our own processes that need to be dealt with first.

What you will learn in this segment:

  • Two ways in which every voice matters
  • What are complexes and why they are important
  • What is awareness and how it differs from attention
  • Why workplaces can’t give people meaning
  • What workplaces and kindergarten have in common
  • What it really means to move beyond thinking and memory to insights and awareness

What does it take to get an employee's full attention and best performance?

Most people have monkey mind because there is no education about how to discover where your awareness currently is and how to keep it there where you need it.

‌‌What you will learn in this segment:

  • The employees role in getting full attention and best performance
  • Why it’s so important to be aware of when you need more information
  • How our awareness is hijacked by monkey mind
  • Why not knowing how to direct our awareness is one of the biggest misfortunes that can happen to us
  • The critical differences between attention and awareness

What do people really lack and long for at work?

Almost 99% of our life runs on autopilot. We are living the lives of complexes that are very similar to instincts because they are automated and reflex like.

What you will learn in this segment:

  • Why we are actually not lacking anything
  • What’s really directing or commanding us
  • Why it’s so important to recognize and resolve our complexes

What is the most important question leaders should ask employees?

If we bring all of us to work, then literally everything comes along—all of the problems too. So managers can now ask you, “How can I help you integrate everything that you are and help you align that with this work so that you can work in the best way?”

What you will learn in this segment:

  • Why leaders should be asking employees what they actually need

What is the most important question employees should ask leaders?

How can I understand what my place is here and best use my skills to advance the overall mission of the company?

What you will learn in this segment:

  • Why employees should be asking for what they actually need and how they fit into the bigger picture

What is the most important question we should ask ourselves?

The more we clear out who we actually are not, the clearer it becomes who we actually are. That’s when our real life begins and that’s when you start to live your real potential—what you can do and what you have been called for.

What you will learn in this segment:

  • Why asking ourselves who is leading our lives is the most important question to ask

What realities do we face in making these changes real in the workplace?

Becoming more of a human is not a meditation. Becoming more human means becoming less of a human robot on autopilot.

What you will learn in this segment:

  • Why we need to take personal responsibility for leading our lives
  • What it means to become more human

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