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One of the ways of thinking about leadership is convening conversations that might not happen otherwise. The consequences will ripple out beyond what you will ever know.

– Patricia Shaw, Fellow, Schumacher College

In The Future of the Workplace, published by Apress, we learn exciting new ways to address the most vexing challenges we all face in today's turbulent world of work. In this session, we'll learn actionable insights and advice from pioneering forward-thinking leaders such as:

  • Howard Behar, past president at Starbucks and author of It's Not About the Coffee
  • John Bell, former CEO at Jacobs Suchard and author of Do Less Better
  • David Marquet, leadership expert, former nuclear submarine captain, and author of Turn the Ship Around
  • Perry Marshall, marketing and sales expert and author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing
  • Dianne Collins, author, and creator of Do You Quantum Think?
  • Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir, Managing Director at Festa and documentary Film Director of Innsaei - The Power Within

You'll also learn about the exponential power behind the 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success and Forward Thinking Workplaces interviews — a forward-thinking narrative that pulls people to act, innovate, and learn together. Narrative is a powerful way to lead yourself and your organization forward and foundational to ensuring sustainable digital transformation success in the 21st century.


An interactive and collaborative workshop that engages participants in exploring creative and innovative new perspectives from global pioneering leaders on the future of work.

  • Explore new and diverse perspectives from top global leaders that can help us navigate the challenges we face in today's modern world of work
  • Engage in deep discussions with peers to uncover new and meaningful perspectives that impact behavior, thinking, and results
  • Learn new questions that help us engage in more meaningful and collaborative conversations with colleagues and ourselves
  • Gain a new appreciation of and learn how to start new conversations and narratives that help people and organizations move forward to create better outcomes and futures


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