Creating a Forward-Thinking Workplace Culture

Creating a Forward-Thinking Workplace Culture

Our article on the Forward Thinking Workplace was featured in the Cutter Business Technology Journal.

You’ve probably noticed that we now live in a world of constant whitewater where ever-increasing change, complexity, and disruption are the new normal.

Many organizations struggle to adapt to this new state we find ourselves using traditional ways of introducing and managing change.

So, what can we do to keep up with this new reality and develop a culture that supports transformation?

New times call for innovative new forward-thinking.

Rather than focusing on managing change, we now need to learn how to live and work together in new ways that allow us to sense changes early and adapt quickly — leveraging many of the same new digital technologies that are causing the need for change.

It’s time to recognize that managing change, best practices, working harder — and even smarter — are no longer enough. These are all ways that keep us stuck living in the past.

Stepping into the future requires us to interact with each other with an open mind listening to every voice — ready to discover whatever is there for us to see and the freedom to act upon what we discover.

In the article, I highlight three ways to create a forward thinking workplace culture that confidently and naturally embraces digital transformation.

The forward thinking workplace has three parts – Discover, Uncover, Create.

The article addresses how all three come together to create a culture that embraces transformation effectively, innovatively, and naturally.

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